Concerning Bylaws:   LebCO BOD Bylaws

Concerning Code of Conduct:

The LEBCO UNITED Soccer Club sponsors youth soccer activity with the goal of providing our children an opportunity to develop superior life skills through team play, sportsmanship, and hard work. Our mission is to provide area youth the opportunity to play soccer at the highest level commensurate with their individual ability, potential, and interest. An emphasis on fair play and respect for all participants is a primary element of this mission. To better achieve it, we provide the following Codes of Conduct for all LEBCO UNITED players, parents, and coaches.

These  LEBCO Code of Conduct  are an agreement between LEBCO UNITED players, parents, and coaches to abide by the rules and regulations of the game, as well as to maintain a cooperative attitude and uphold the ideals of fair play and sportsmanship. These Codes express our core values and goals. It is essential they be honored and followed.

The Codes of Conduct can be summarized in the following three principles:

1. Demonstrating a positive attitude
2. Setting a good example
3. Maintaining good relationships with all youth soccer participants – including officials, opponents, and our own teams’ players, parents, and coaches.

We are asking all coaches or team managers to review this code with players and parents at your first team meeting.This meeting should take place PRIOR to the beginning of your first practice or at another designated time before practicing. Everyone reviewing and understanding this code will need to sign it to be kept on file by our organization.

We appreciate your support and understanding, and hope you see the tremendous value in adopting these principles as an entire club to build a positive environment for all associated with LebCo United soccer.

Concerning other sports and activities:

While we realize the development and success of those who participate in our program relies heavily on a disciplined approach to training, we support and encourage a diversification of activities. We recognize the inherent benefits of an athlete’s participation in a variety of activities to their overall personal development, and work to strike an appropriate balance to accommodate all where possible. Being a team sport, it is difficult to train effectively without full participation, but we will work to address the individual needs of our athletes without compromising the success of their team.

Concerning weather and practice:

We normally do not cancel practice because of showers or light rain. Use the “if you can play in it, you can practice in it” approach and that logic will almost always be correct. We will make every effort to post field conditions on this web site. You may also try to contact your coach for last minute changes.

Concerning Concussions:

Click on LU Concussion Management for more information about this important aspect of playing soccer. It includes general information concerning concussions and a management policy.



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